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7 Home Remedies to Control Hair Loss !!!!!!!
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Curantur Clinic & Research Center, CDA, Twin City, ODISHA.
Posts: 769
January 10, 2012 - 6:43 pm

Owe it to our flawed genetics or hectic lifestyles and the falling standards of nutrition in our diets—hair loss seems to have turned into a health care plague.

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1. Regular Massaging with Basic Oils

Regular massaging of the scalp with lukewarm oil helps to stimulate the hair follicles. This is also an easy way to cure hair growth deterrents like dandruff and fungal infections. Regular massaging increases the blood circulation in the scalp. It is also useful for lowering anxiety or stress that is often the underlying reason for thinning of hair. Recommended oils for 3 to 4 times-a-week massaging schedule includes coconut oil. You can alternate this with mustard oil. Keep the oil on for at least six hours before washing it off with a mild shampoo. Other oils that can be mixed with coconut oil in trace amounts for faster results include almond oil .

2. Natural Concoctions for Preventing Hair Loss

Coconut milk is among the richest sources of tissue-nourishing, plant derivatives. It is an excellent home remedy for keeping the hair soft without depending upon chemical formulations and regenerating dead hair follicles. You can also use a concoction of coconut oil mixed with half the amount of Amla oil. Just add a dash of lemon juice to this mixture and you have an effective, dandruff-fighting and scalp-healing concoction that arrests receding hairline.

3. Nature’s Effective Hair-stimulating Juices

Wheatgrass juice is one of the most effective remedies against hair fall. It is known to decrease the shedding tendency of hair within a few weeks of regular intake. Aloe vera juice has a similar effect. However, aloe gel can be applied to the scalp too. This is helpful for preventing hair loss due to irritated, dry or infected scalp. After massaging the head with aloe gel, wash the hair with lukewarm water. This can be done twice, every week.

4. Slightly Demanding But Very Effective Natural Therapies

You can make your own hair fall-preventing medicine at home by frying some fenugreek (methi) seeds in coconut oil. Strain this mixture and apply it in minimal amounts, rubbed gently into the hair roots. Alternatively, you can boil some henna leaves in mustard oil. After cooling and straining this preparation, add drops of it in your coconut oil container that you are using for regular massaging.

5. Homemade Pastes

You can wash the hair with a paste made from Neem leaves. This is particularly effective for hair loss caused due excessive build up of scalp oil or invasive skin infections. For restoring the alkaline balance of the scalp and preventing hair fall, you can follow this with washing the hair with apple cider vinegar. Other homemade pastes that can be very useful include a mixture prepared from adding honey and olive oil to some cinnamon (dalchini) powder.

6. Arrest Hair Fall With Elementary Household Items

Before washing your hair, apply the juice extracted from crushed coriander (dhania) leaves. You can also use a mixture of curd and gram flour (chana atta) that should be kept-on for at least an hour before bathing.

7. Hair Fall Dietary Recommendations

For a comprehensive, hair fall prevention regimen, you need to be equipped with a diet plan that includes foods that can arrest hair fall and stimulate better scalp health. Recommendations here include eating more seeds and nuts (almonds and peanuts) along with green leafy vegetables like spinach and sprouts of a variety of dals (legumes). Basically, foods rich in calcium, protein and iron are vital for ensuring overall health of the scalp. Combine this with some basic dietary supplementation, i.e. using over-the-counter products that help to ensure wholesome nutrition for your hair. Regular intake of Amla juice ensures adequate amounts of Vitamin C but you can boost this with eating more guavas.

Posts: 6
September 26, 2014 - 7:47 am


Thanks for the Home remedies for hair loss, I hope this must be helpful for the people who is suffer from hair loss and this cheap and best tips which you share here with us. But to make it more effective I want to add some Do and Don’t for hair loss.

Never should you rinse your hair with warm water.

If you use shampoo for rinse your hair, don’t use it more than twice in week and use simply a gentle shampoo.

Avoid Hard brushing in your hair and never comb the hair towards back.

Coconut oil is very good for hair growth, try to use it with Indian goose berry. 

Dia Chawla
Posts: 10
October 31, 2014 - 6:36 am


I agree with you Sumit. This is a great post which give me many useful home remedies to control my Hair loss. I am suffering from Hair loss. I try many home remedies to reduce my Hair fall, but i still suffering from it. I will try your mentioned home remedies in my routine life.  Hope it works best for me.

Aarav Malik
Posts: 6
December 22, 2014 - 9:30 am


Your thread is nice. I also want to share some information with everyone.

1. Don’t brush your wet hairs. Try to solve the tangles with fingers

2. Don’t massage hairs everyday and don’t massage hairs at night. Massage hairs with hot coconut oil or olive oil before half or one hour of before shampoo.

3. Massage with oil only twice a weak not more than that

4. Use cold water when Shampoo your hairs

5. Avoid hair brushing every-time. Do it only twice or thrice a day

Posts: 45
January 3, 2015 - 9:57 am


You can wash the hairs with a paste made from Neem leaves. This is particularly effective for hair loss & Use Aloe vera as it contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth.

Anthony Dippold
Posts: 32
January 8, 2015 - 5:15 am


thank you for this insight! to add some notes, some clips can be cause of hair loss, just be careful how you style your hair. for example, tight ponytails, corn-rows etc.

Posts: 1
August 5, 2016 - 4:51 am

some useful tips for control of hair fall:

1.don’t comb in wet HAIR

2.oil your with a combination of almond oil and castor oil mixed and warmed together

3.don’t expose your HAIR to extreme heat or temperature

4.manage to trim off your spilt ends

5.apply henna at least once a week

6.do not back comb have this homely treatment and can avoid the hair falling

Posts: 1
June 17, 2017 - 11:33 am


Hibiscus infused oil has shown impressive results as significantly as hair growth is involved. It is packed with vitamin C, which helps boost collagen, the amino acid chain which gives durability to your hair strands and also keeps your mane super lustrous.

Posts: 1
October 10, 2017 - 12:35 pm


This is so knowledgeable Information post here, today every persons facing hair problems, I suggest my friends they need to take healthy food to reduce hair loss problems. And this is proven effective and natural solution.

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