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Compilation of remedies - COLD & FLU symptoms
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May 10, 2017
9:56 pm
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May 10, 2017
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Hello to all,

Here is a compilation I made recently for self-reference and of friends. I am sharing it with whoever might find useful and to disseminate the use of homeopathy.

When you are really sick from colds or a flu, it is so hard to browse through repertories and materia medica! So here is a more readable list for a bedridden person, extracted from Hering and Clarke mostly. Of course, you know the remedies, so you can just check them.

Also, it is nice to carry in print along with your homeopathic travel kit – it is around 6 pages only.

I have it in PDF version the original .DOCX if anyone needs it for editing.


Always grateful for the advent of homeopathy,

Patanga Cordeiro







This booklet is a simplified list of remedies for colds and flu related symptoms, as well as simplified guidelines for usage.


Dedicated to Sri Chinmoy for his ceaseless and breathless inspiration in every field, including homepathy.


Sources: compilation and guidelines by Patanga Cordeiro, remedy list mostly from Hering’s “The Homeopathic Domestic Physician”, with additions (esp. modalities, nose, throat, fever symptomes) from Clarke’s “Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica”, and minor additions from Begabati Lennihan’s “A Healer in Every Home”.




“In the healthy condition of man … our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existence.”

– (Organon, aphorism IX) Hahnemann

“Sri Aurobindo once made a comparison between allopathy and homeopathy. He said that homeopathy is far better because it deals with nerves and it can enter into the subtle nerves. Everything is in the subtle nerves. I am not an expert either in homeopathy or in allopathy. … I believe in homeopathy more than allopathy, but the homeopathic doctors have to know their field thoroughly…”

– from the book Only Gratitude-Tears, by Sri Chinmoy



=========== REMEDY LIST – symptoms

ALLIUM CEPA – epidemic, < by wet and windy, left to right, much sneezing, profuse acrid discharge from the nose, inflamed and sore to the upper lip. running of the eyes, headahce, thirst, heat, pain in the teeth, < night, < room, > open air and cold (desires it), or < if goes out. < towards evening and night, left site, bland tears. Cough from cold air; hearty sneezing; alternate coldness and heat. < warm room, rest, afternoon and evening. > motion, open air

APIS – larynx very sensitive, throat rough and dry, with heat and without thirst, difficult breathing during motion. Coryza < warmth. Throat swollen inside and outside. As if fishbone on throat. Cough by tickling in the throat, < evening or midnight, after lying down, after sleep. > after discharge, after rash, afraid of cold air but < warm room. > cold water. Night cough 9pm – 4 am.

ARNICA – bed feels hard, violend cough or sneezing, face hot / body cool, coryza with burning, burning while swallowing. cough with mucus and clotted blood and asthma, oppresion of chest, bruised abdomen, chest, stitches, head, chest, abdomen, small of back. < cold and damp, < motion or exertion, > lying down, < left, < drinking


ARSENICUM – no redness, heat and thirst, but desire for warmth; drinks often, but little, weak, restells agitate, burning like fike without much heat or redness, acrid and drippy discharge, great soreness of nostrils, sleepless at night, cannot lie still, but weak if tries do do something, nose bleeds. Forehead pain returns at evening. loose cough with little expectoration (hard to), after drinking, during the light, with burning heat all over the body, want of breath, fatighe and weakness; every evening dry cough which is very weakening, palpatation and agitation during night, short breath when climbing staris and cold air. Great dryness of throat and mouth, with thirst. Light sleep, frequent dreams. Cold over whole body. Hoarseness. Fluent coryza with stopped nose. Dry cough, fatiguing, has to sit up, cough after drinking, fresh air, lyining down or moving. Shivering in bed. > warm drinks > motion and warmth, = cold (also Nux Vomica, Dulcamara, Ipecac), < cold and damp. Caused by eating watery fruits. < midnight to 2am.


ACONITE – suppressed catarrh with headache, if no discharge still, Pulsatilla or Chinchona. When sudden appearance of cough with pressur in chest, pain in windpipe, rawness, rough and hoarse voice, fever, give aconite first and 6h later the suitable remedy. Burning heat with extreme thirst preceded by shivering, head and face hot, body cold. Internal het. Swaeting in covered parts. Inspiration increases cough. Coryza from cold and dry Wind. Dripping clear hot water from nose. Cough < from eating, drinking, lying down, speaking, open air. < night, mnidnight < heat < cold > uncovering < drinking > rest < open air.


BELADONNA –pain in the whole forehead or worse on the right side and throbbing, yellow pus like mucus. spasmodic cough, shakes the whole body, tickling of larynx without phlegm in chest, scant discharge of mucus, with blood, stitches in chest and left side below the ribs, tearing pains in chest, short, quick anxious breathing, red face. Severe headache, < coughing < constriction of chest, caused by drinking cold water, getting a haircut, getting wet. Great dryness of nose, cold nose, needs to swallow of feels like will suffocate, cold limbs with hot heat, dry and short convulsive cough. shivering of back, arm, etc, with heat on body. < afternoon, midnight, open air.


BRYONIA – dry or moist cough, when dry, if starts with tickling in the throat, after eating, when enter warm room, stitches in the side, yellowish expectoration, every fit of cough is felt on the head, shooting pains in the head and abdomen. Dry mouth and lips, excessive thirst. Hard mucus drying in crusts inside nose, copious sweat while walking slowly in the open air, dry and obstructed nose, fluent coryza with forehead pain, wants to take a long breath. Chilliness in the evening, internal heat as if burning. Heat with desire for cold drinks. < warmth, warm room, motion, sitting up on bed, morning. > cold water/drinks.


CAMPHOR – tincture at very earliest onset of symptoms will prevent further development. Also FERRUM PHOSPHORICUM before flu (ex. 6D / 6X)


CAUSTICUM – obstinate cases of hoarseness, no other complain, or with catarrh and cough, soreness and rawness of hest and occasionally of throat. dry, short cough, hollow cough, excoriating or burning pain in chest and wind pipe, scraping in the throat and rattling in the chest. pain in the hip, other pains, urine while coughing. Dry throat without thirst; sneezing in the morning; lacerated throat; body cold on left side; flushes of heat followed by chilliness; < night, 6-8am, on waking, 6-8pm, washing, open air, change of weather. > heat (specially heat of bed), cold water


CHAMOMILLA – acrid catarrh with ulcerated nose and chapped lips, one cheek pale and other red, chills and thrist, esp children, cause by suppressed perspiration. Hoarseness, mucus on throat with dryness, burning and thirst, tickling excites cough, fever in the evening, disposition: cross, vexations, serious, quiet. Coryza with stopped nose,; acute smell; heat from mouth to stomach; front is hot, back is cold or vice-versa. Dry cough < night, < sleep, from tickling in the pit of throat or talking, after taking cold during winter, > warm in bed, < morning evening. < warmth, music, windy, damp


CHINA – dry cough, fluent catarrh, burning sensation in the nose, violent sneezing, object to touch, anxious gasping for beathm paleness, moaning. Short, hacking cough, no discharge, mucus stays at larynx, whistling while breathing. Stinging pains in chest and windpipe, clear, tough mucus hard to loosen, pains in the shoulders. Coryza with sneezing; feels hot and wants to uncover; cough in the morning after rising; forehead hot, body cold. Heat with burning thirst; cough when speaking, laughing, breathing deep. Thirst for cold water but drinks little at a time. Cough < in the evening and midnight. > inside room, warmth. < near stove, every other day.


DULCAMARA – = arsenicum or nux, but > motion and < rest, slightest exposure renews obstruction. < from change from warm to cold. Caused by dampness and cold. > motion, warmth. < cold, cold drinks, evening, night


GELSEMIUM – flu, drooping eyelids, cannot get out of bed, apathetic about bad news, anticipation and anxiety.


HEPAR – if symptoms get better and become worse. Instead of mercurius if only one nostril is affected, headache < movement. Else, Belladonna. If remains hard mucus on sinus, does not come out after other symptoms go. One sided coryza. Rough throat. As if peg on throat. Difficult swallowing/speaking; amygdalae; sleeplessness; difficult to speak loudly; attacks of dry cough with lacrimation; shivering with heat / sweat; much sweat. < night, awakening, cold and dry, parts getting cold, uncovering head. > warmth, wrapping head, eating (typical of hepar).


IPECACUANHA – = arsenicum or nux, when ineffective. Difficult breathing (else Bryonia, Arsenicum, Sulphur). Coughing mucus suffocates, spasmodic cough, loathing, nausea and vomiting of mucus, pain in abdomen/navel, bladder as if could not urinate, after cough, shortness of breath and sweat of the forehead, walking in cold excites the cough afresh. Dry, sore throat; desires sugary things; no apetite; cough at night; ticking upper larynx; shivering < with heat; oversensitive to heat/cold; chill and heat. < winter, cold, warm moist wind, rich food, motion. > open air, rest. Suited for stout and lax people, fair people, women and children.


LACHESIS – severe catarrh, profuse watery discharge, soreness and swelling. cough excited by pressing chest, unable to bear anything in the neck, coughs during sleep, ticking in the whole chest, throat, up to shoulders, much saliva in mouth, violent cough from ulcers in mouth, hawking up phlegm, cough worse after meals, during the day. Redness of edge of nose; bleeding from blowing nose; dry larynx; throat stiff, > eating < empty swallowing; want of appetite. Cold limbs or feet; desires fire/stove; shivering after meal or afternoon. < left side, change of weather in summer, cold, night, draughts. > after discharge, sweat, open air. < sleeping < rising, pain in throat, ears, head and eyes. < if change from cold to warm.


MERCURIUS – epidemic catarrh, constant sneezing, nose sore, constant watery discharge, offensive smell, pain in the head and cheek, sweat at night, cattarrh worse in the morning, accompanied by fever, does not like to be alone, cannot bear cold. Voice is hoarse and rough, burning and tickling in the larinx, perspire easily, every breath agravates. Dry exausting cough, esp at night. excessive perspiration. Cold in the head. Obstruction and dryness of nose; painful dryness of throat; thick and tenacious mucus on throat; constant desire to swallow; nausea; chill early morning or evening after going to bed; chilliness with heat of face; shivers after going to sleep; thirst during heat. Profuse sweat with no relief. < heat, cold, night, empty deglution, blowing nose, cold air, firelight, lying right side. > rest.


NATRIUM MURIATICUM – Chilliness 10-11am, averse to uncovering; thirst; head feels like falling forward; wind goes thorugh head; plug in throat; nose inflammed only on left side; violent coryza; broken back; swallows over a lump; salty mucus; continual thirst; loss of taste/smell; dislikes fat food; dry cough; ticking on throat specially when waling; cough as if forehead would burst; tears when coughing; impeded respiration. < seaside (sometimes >), < heat of sun, room, stove. < summer, exertion, after sleep, eating, < eating acid, fat or bread. > going without regular meals.


NUX VOMICA – = arsenicum but catarrh is fluent in the day and dry at night. Mouth dry without thirst, tightness of chest and constipation. Alternate heat and chilliness, esp evening, heat of the head and face or all over. SUlky quarrelsome, obstinate dispositions, rough, deep dry cough from dryness in throat, pressure and pain in throat, mucus cannot be loosened. dry cough caused by rough, scraping, < swallowing, night, morning, exertion, cold, eating, drinkning. Acrid sensation in the throat, lasting and weakening, as if head would burst, bruised abdomen, pain under the rips, little mucus ejected with much effort. Slight cough lasts the whole day, pain in the pit of the throat, < evening > night. Night breathing oppessed, weight on chest, heat, parched mouth. Energetic and coffee drinking patients, < reading, < thinking, < exercise. Shivers after lying down or in the morning; chill not relieve by external heat; itching nose; onesided obstruction of nose < morning and night; cough < if sitting in the same position; nasal voice. < cold midnight, dry, music. > damp, warm, reste, lying down.


PHOSPHORUS – hoarseness with cough and rawness in the larynx all day, < evening. cannot talk on account of pain in the larynx. Heaviness of part or whole one lung, dry cough < by talking < open air. Blood from nose every time a discharge comes; alternating fluent and dry coryza; green expectoration; perspiration of hands, head, feet; shivers in bed; chill does not improve with external heat; burning in back. Likes acid and spicy food; cheeselike taste in mouth; craves cooling things. < exertion (physical or mental), wind, thunderstorm, light, music, noise. > dark.


PHOSPHORIC ACID – cough with expectoration, great hoarseness, occasionally by tickling, in the pit of stomach or throat, dry in the evening, while or yellow or dark blood discharge in morning. On hearing bad news. Cough with oppesive pains in the chgest, bursting headache when coughing, inclination to vomit, burning in the throat and chest. Wants to pick the nose with fingers; pain with swallowing; thirst for cold milk or juices; diarrhea in sommer cold; violent coryza with redness of nose. < musica, evening/night, lying left side, standing, talking, warm room, draught. > after a nap, waking.


PULSATILLA – not much soreness of nose, no appetite and smell, mucus thick and yellowish, sometimes green and offensive. Stinging and soreness in the throat and palate, pain when sawallowing, loose cough and pain in the ches, with chills, without thirst, capricious appetite. For days unable to speak a loud word. (if not, then sulphur). Cough ceases in open air, violent in closed room, dry in the beginning for 1/2 day, then expectoration of mucus, easily raised, shooting pains in the arm, shoulder and back, abdomen sides sore. Some heat with cold hands and feet, less thirst. Burnt tongue; profuse discharge every morning; short dry cough when gets warm; cough < lying. > open air, uncovering, cold food, gentle motion, open air. < fat food, warm food, rest, alternate evenings, sun, getting wet, change of weather.


RHUS – mucus is thick and yellowish with heat rash or scurf on the nose. if there is hoarseness with roughness of the throat, much sneezing and a great deal of mucus from the nose but not catarrh, shortness of breath. Bad feeling in stomach but food tastes good; chokes when swallowing; dry, fatiguing cough; cold skin but does not mind cold air; heat and cold at the same time; general heat and sweat. Spasmodic violent sneezing; mucus discharge without coryza; difficult deglution. Dry short night-cough, < evening and midnight, < cold air, > heat and exercise. < from change from warm to cold. < rest, commencing motion.



(super-simplified, only from Hering’s book)


SILICA then CALCAREA – catarrh (usu. clear) which lasts long or returns again and again, nose running or stopped


CALCAREA -tedious cough caused by tickling, so violent in the evening and during night that every vessel throbs, or in the night, during sleep, dry cough with pain etc…


SULPHUR – chronic dry cough from tickling of throat, afternoon to midnight, constriction of chest, retching, only during night, prevents sleep or dry at night by daytime yellowish/greenish expectoration, pus, blood. stiches when coughing in chest or ribs right side, chest about to burst when cough or sneeze. whistling and rattling in chest, palpitation, blackness before eyes, heat in head and face but cold hands.



– to choose the remedy the most important are the unusual characteristics (ex: worse on first movement, better after warming up, better by warmth is good indication for RHUS TOX when dealing with joints). Only one indication, such as “better by warmth” is usually too generic to choose a remedy.

– potency: homeopathic remedies come in potencies labeled with a number and a letter (ex: 6D, 12X or 30C). D is the same as X, C is higher, and also the higher the number the more intense is the effect and higher range of action. But for things such as open wounds or traumas (base level of body) low potencies might be best. I suggest 6C and/or 30 to be taken orally for most problems during a race such as an ultramarathon. I also suggest getting a portable kit in 6C or 30C potency. They cost 100 USD and will last forever. Or you can buy the most important ones for you individually and have them with your equipment.

– Try not to eat or drink anything other than water soon before or after remedy. Ideally, rest a few minutes, maybe even lying down. Take the remedy orally only once (1 drop or pill is enough) and wait for reaction (from a few seconds to a few hours). If no reaction, try other remedy or if you think it has to be the right remedy, then try a diferent potency. If it works, wait for complete recovery. If recovery stops, repeat remedy. If then no reaction or symptoms change, change remedy or potency.

– strong emotions, tastes (coffee, toothpaste, strong smelling creams (camphor especially)), traumas, etc, can stop the course of remedy action. Repeat the remedy if you feel such incidents have stopped remedy action.

– you can also rub the some drops of the remedy on the affected part, besides taking it orally.

– meditate before taking remedy!

– use of allopathic medicine to mask symptoms might affect action of homeopathic medicine.

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