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sepia dosage?
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December 30, 2013 - 8:47 pm


Dear all,

it’s my first time here, hope haven’t forgot English at all:) I am in a quite complicated situation, without job, learning and nostrificating my degree,moving from one to another country…and feeling lost, unhappy and nervouse ( especially to the one i love very much and in the time of pms).The all situation started to be worse after I had childbirth and after breast feeding, when I was waiting for my period.

Because of all this and many other symptoms, I got Sepia 30c from my homeopathy doctor ( three pallets a day) which I found, when read about the remedy  that match me very well. At first I really felt that after using it for 2 weeks I felt happier, more relaxed and open to my little daughter and husband. But my pms was the same( horrible), period on 36 days, and with severe abdominal bloating. I called and she tolld me, just to take this Sepia 30c (3pallets 2-3times per day).

I am trying that, but there is no biggger improvement. I called her, but she is on skiing.
Now I am again in a PMS time ( I fell very irritative, agressive, look like I am pregnant but I am not, with cramps in abdomen).

What do u suggest me? to continue sepia or not? if yes which pottiency and how often?

Looking forward to your answer



Alan V. Schmukler
Posts: 992
January 1, 2014 - 1:56 am

Hi Alex,


It’s difficult to know how to advise you here, because we can’t be sure how many doses of Sepia you’ve actually had.  All the pellets you were given may not have been Sepia. The fact that the Sepia helped you with some symptoms, suggests Sepia was the correct remedy.  It often takes time to get relief from other symptoms.  Repeating the same potency for extended periods of time is generally not recommended, but we don’t know how long you’ve been taking the Sepia.  


Posts: 2
January 1, 2014 - 11:20 am


Hello and Happy New Year!!!

I have been taking sepia30c for about month and a half (three pallets per day, and the suggested me to take it more often in the second half of period). Now I stopped. When I read ( because I just started to attend homeop.classes) I can find myself in this remedy in a second half of period….really!

What do you suggest maybe to take higher potency 200c for just once or to change remedy…..

waiting for answer and thank you


Alan V. Schmukler
Posts: 992
January 1, 2014 - 11:49 am

Hi Alex,

Sometimes homeopaths give the remedy once and then give placebo. I don’t know if this is what your homeopath did. If you were taking placebo, then stopping wouldn’t matter. If you have actually taken Sepia 30 daily for the last 45 days, this would be a good time to stop. Repeating the same potency in dry form for 45 days is a questionable practice, as it can cause a proving. I suggest you wait until your homeopath returns to clarify the matter.  If she tells you that it is not placebo, and that you should keep taking Sepia 30c, then you should seek a second opinion. Taking the same potency in dry form for that long can trigger a proving reaction which you definitely don’t want.



Posts: 2
June 25, 2017 - 8:13 pm


Hi everyone,

My name is Iman and I am 32 years old female.

I am here to discuss my Scalp problem, I am fighting with for the last many years.


1 – I developed eczema / Psoriasis on scalp – (Some says it eczema and some call it Psoriasis) (Forehead, behind ears and neck) + on legs, arms and nails etc with itching and pain. 5 years back. That was developed / made worst after taking medicine from a homeopathic clinic. (Don’t know the medicine name as doctor gave it from his own clinic).

I traced my family homeopath as he had moved to other city. As per him (for above) steroids were used that made my symptoms worst.

He then advised me the following

1 – Sanicula 200 5 drops on some sugar (Once a week)

2 – Graphites 30 5 drops on some sugar (once for 4 days a week, after 1 day of Sanicula Dose)

I used this for 2 months and everything was cured. Perfect.

Things remained fine for 4 Years. Now it has come back since December last year, only on forehead and back of ears with extreme itching. Though it is not like before (very low as compared to previous situation). But irritaes me a lot. I am unable to find my that family homeopath again. He is not traceable.

In addition to that, I would like to add that my monthly cycle is also disturbed. The date came earlier this month which has happend first time in my life. It indcayes infection as well ?.

My mood swings a lot. Stomach issues are there as well.

Please some one suggest me cure for it. I can email snaps of the skin as well if needed.

A doctor advised Calendula 30 (7 Drops) for 15 days and to.apply Calendula Mother Tincture on the affected area but no relief after complete course.

Now someone advised to use Sepia 30 (5 Drops) twice a day. I have not used it so far as I am sick of changing medicines.


Please guide me.



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