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October 11, 2012
4:15 pm
New Member
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October 11, 2012
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I recently went to a homeopathic doctor to cure the following main symptoms:

– severe weight gain that’s happened mainly over the last 8 years (I’m 130kg now, height 1.70m)

– great pain in ankles and feet mainly when I stand up and in lesser degree when I walk (now they hurt all day around though)

– lack of energy

– cramped muscles (especially feet and legs)

– diarrhea.

The doctor checked my food intolerances using Electro-acupuncture according to Voll methodology, and she told me to avoid eating butter, olive oil and pork, for the diarrhea. This I have done and it seems to be working, stools are still on the soft side but more formed than before.

She’s also prescribed me calcarea carbonica 200ch monodose, that she said to be a constitutive remedy, and ammonium muriaticum 9ch (5 pearls a day upon rising), probably intended to address psoric miasm, and these two things have done nothing to me. Last year another homeopath had prescribed me ammonium iodatum, with no result.

I checked the book of Bailey of homepathic psychology, and well I’m not Calcarea Carbonica, instead I’m rather to the letter an Ignatia type, although there’s a few characteristics of Lachesis too.

So what I did was, one week after having taken the Calc carb, I took Ignatia in the same potency of 200 ch (I did that yesterday evening) and today I feel VERY energized, although my legs and feet pain hasn’t changed much in general I feel very good today. I also took the online free test on the homeopathic facial analysis of Grant Bentley and I am purple – so sycosis/syphillis, not psora miasm.

Now I don’t feel like going to the same doctor any more (and be scolded for not following the prescriptions), but I know too little to go on alone, so I thought I would ask a few questions here.

As I understand from now on I just need to stay put and see how it goes after the Ignatia, correct? then in a month or so see if it’s worked and if I need to give more potency. Going back in time, I think that some unbalance may have been present also before, besides the debacle of the last years, so I might need to go quite deep. Meanwhile, should I discontinue the ammonium muriaticum or not? is there more that you can recommend me? could I have messed up not giving to the Calcarea carbonica a chance?

thanks a lot

October 12, 2012
2:29 am
David Kempson
Elite Memeber

Hpathy Team
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July 5, 2012
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Most medicines take many weeks to show their full effects. It might be that Calc is the wrong remedy (it certainly cannot be that you are both Calc and Ammonium mur at the same time by the way). 5 days is not long enough to judge that though. I would never do a follow up with a client for chronic issues until at least 14-21 days had passed. The results might be subtle at first, and dosage or potency might need to be adjusted. Many patients do not feel the effects till then, or at least not in any marked way. Often they do not recognize the initial signs that a remedy is working (subtle change in attitude or behaviour patterns, alterations in dreams or sleep, difference in language usage etc). Many patients might even feel worse for that first week or two, which is part of the curative action (the aggravtion) and represcribing would be a disaster for assessing what has happened, what has had an effect. It might take time for the healing crisis to appear, which sometimes can be a week or two later or longer.

Also, it is important to realise that homoeopathic medicines when used properly, will almost always create aggravation before they create improvement. I am very suspicious of any reaction that happens the other way around. Worse, then better, that is typical of the reactions that produce the best outcomes for the patient. Sometimes patients feel an initial lift in mood when taking a remedy, that has nothing to do with the remedy being right for them. A remedy, any remedy, can temporarily suspend your chronic condition, which is called palliation. This can happen because the new remedy is about to create a proving in the patient (which means your chronic state briefly vanishes), or because the remedy is only superficially affecting one or two symptoms. While it is true that a person may feel better in themselves before any other changes start, my experience is that they will always feel worse first.

You probably won’t like what I have to say about the self-prescribing, but I hope you take it in the spirit it is offered, to save you from becoming disillusioned in homoeopathy. This may be a bit of a long discussion of the issues here.

The underlying truth of this, unfortunately, is that there isn’t really any way for you to do this. It takes alot of training and experience to use homoeopathy successfully. You can imagine if the doctor you saw (assuming they were a proper homoeopath) couldn’t pick your remedy, that someone with no training or clinical experience is not going to have an easier time of it. Our materia medicas will not help you to get to the core of your problem, and this is the step that matters the most. Determining which remedy matches the problems is a much later step that cannot be achieved without doing the ground work first. Discovering the core problem means digging through all the superficial layers, the layers that the patient themselves is most concerned with. These layers create a distraction from the real problem, but they are generally the only thing the patient can see. It can be much like therapy or counselling.

There are thousands of possible medicines that could help you. Thousands of them. If you assume that it is possible to just read a profile and match it to yourself, you would have to read up on far more of them then you have. Most of those profiles are not even found in those books you have access to. If this worked, homoeopaths would all be able to cure themselves.

I can tell you that homoeopaths are often the worse offenders when it comes to self-prescribing, and they are as a group, usually quite unhealthy if they only self-prescribe. Your disease, your miasm, distorts your perceptions to make it impossible to see objectively. It is one of the great pains suffered by homoeopaths, to have so much knowledge and to be completely unable to use it to help themselves. Since disease affects your perception, it means that everything looks like you, looks like your problem. Every remedy in some way resembles you. Students of homoeopathy quickly become aware of this while studying materia medica – every week you see them discover a new remedy that suits them. The reality is that they simply interpret the profile or parts of it in terms that they understand – in terms that their disease creates for them.

I have seen this time and time again over the last 20 years of practice. I have seen homoeopaths, homoeopathic students, naturopaths, alternative medicine doctors in clinic – all of whom experimented with self prescribing. Lycopodium patients think they are Pulsatilla, Nux-vomica patients think they are Phosphorous, Calc-carb patients think they are Silicea, Silicea patients think they are Lycopodium and so on. The very state they are in, actually makes them think they are something else. For the most part, the real remedy for that person was nothing they had ever really considered. That is how obscured it was from them, but clear as day to someone who did not share their altered perceptions. It does not matter how knowledgeable the person is in homoeopathy – in fact it actually makes them much more difficult to treat due to their constant pushing in the direction of remedies, which are always wrong. I was one of these people. My chronic disease worsened and worsened over decades, despite the hundreds of self-prescriptions. And then, with the help of two very experienced homoeopaths was able to overcome it in a very short time. They were able to easily see what I was avoiding, what I was missing, what I just could not see for myself.

This means that if you read a remedy, it will not tell you if you need that remedy. You will not be able to tell if it is you or not. Each remedy has mulitple pictures, multiple levels, multiple ‘faces’ if you will.

Let’s say you are trying to work out which Calc-carb might you be?

The one that focuses on security and stays at home? (looking like Arsenicum perhaps)

 The one that works very hard and overcomes all obstacles with stubborn perservance? (looking like Nux-vomica)

 The one that retreats into their comfortable childhood habits to avoid adult responsibilities? (looking like Lycopodium)

The one that surrounds themselves with armour to prevent being hurt by others (looking like Nat-mur)

The one that creates a family to protect themselves from the dangers of the world (Arsenicum again)

The one that focusses on money and wealth as the best way to maintain their independence (like Flu-ac or Calc-fluor)

The one that cannot even look at others without feeling judged and criticized? (like Baryta-carb)

This is in no way a criticism of any person attempting to self-prescribe. It is just a limitation on how homoeopathy works – it requires an objective outside party. And we cannot do that for ourselves. Just like we cannot counsel ourselves or do therapy on ourselves, or do anything but minor surgery. Some things require help, require aid from another person, and homoeopathy is one of them. I have been a homoeopath for a long time, I have even taught homoeopathy at a college level for degree students, and I cannot prescribe for myself for anything except acute illnesses (and even then it can be hit and miss). Homoeopaths actually get themselves into a lot of trouble with self-prescribing.

It is misleading, the way many books are set out. It seems to suggest that it is just a simple ‘match the profile and cure the disease’ situation. But it is not. It is nothing like that. It is very difficult, with chronic cases often taking long months or even years to resolve. Many people fail as homoeopaths because it is so difficult. Many patients still go away uncured because it is so difficult. Homoeopathy is tough to practice, tough to follow. The books might make you think otherwise. They are wrong. Homoeopathy is probably one of the hardest professions in the world. We all talk about how difficult it is, it is discussed at seminars, in journals, on forums like this. My colleagues and I talk about it every single time we have meetings. I had no idea as a student how hard it would be.

I don’t think that would have dissuaded me from being a homoeopath – but still, even in college, the level of difficulty was understated

October 12, 2012
6:19 am
New Member
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October 11, 2012
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I understand your point but this is the second homeopath I try, the first (a supposedly serious doctor) costed me one year and several hundreds of euros in visits and wrong remedies, so this second round I took initiative. Homeopaths certainly know the remedies but don’t know me, and the prescription of calcarea sheds no doubts about the lack of understanding of the second homeopath I dumped. I’d expect it to take from 2 to max 5 min to understand I’m not that type, and not a psoric miasm. And I’m beginning to understand why unicistic homeopathy is being so widely left behind in favor of an hallopathic use of homeopathic remedies,  which offers no true healing, but the alternative is to have to wait for the unicistic to finally get it, will it take 10 years or 20 lol? btw, I’m none of the variations of calcarea carbonica you listed.

Another thing, I see you’re a moderator, why having this forum at all if that’s your thinking? close the section altogether if all you have to say is go to a homeopath, knew that already thanks.

After reading a very good article on the subject of miasms published in this site (** you don’t have permission to see this link **), I’m 100% for a syphilitic miasm, coming from my dad for sure, he’s a very typical sulphur type, we’re both a bit destructive and self-destructive, iconoclastic, quite self-possessed, intuitive and high IQ. With time I learnt to make myself wiser and make my temperament a bit more round (not always successfully), and that’s why the miasm is probably addressing the body, dunno just a hypothesis. I did begin to eat incontrollably after the birth of my son, as at any cost I wanted to be a good mother and not let any “darker” sides of me challenge him so young. I did respond to the birth of my child exactly in the way described in the article, which gave me a laugh when I read it. Not done in a weepy way but like a “goddamit what a mess”.

My questions, if there is someone else willing to answer, are:

– should I look for a remedy to the miasm or do I let Ignatia act on me alone? I think the influence of the miasm on me is rather strong, and my overeating being directly related to that (in the sense of “I won’t bear with no rules”, a sort of rebellious thing, there’s no self-hatred in me) so I personally would opt to replicate the prescription of the doc but changing the remedies, so find something different that Ammonium Muriaticum 9ch to assume, 5 pearl a day

– where do I find a good description of syphillis miasm remedies? so far I’ve found mainly articles re: psora. I quite like the personality descriptions of the remedy over the endless lists of symptoms, as they give a very synthetic impression of what the remedy is like.


ps: what I just wrote about the syphillys miasm made me ponder if I am more of a Nux Vomica type after all, and the miasm isn’t there at all, as it seems characterised by a self-hatred I certainly don’t have. I’ll be studying some more. If you can give me suggestions and comments, they’re very welcome. For ex. ifI happened to see Nux Vomica as more of my simillimum than Ignatia, how do I preceed from here? do I go on and take it or do I wait a month?

many thanks

October 12, 2012
7:15 am
David Kempson
Elite Memeber

Hpathy Team
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July 5, 2012
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Well clearly you are determined to self-prescribe regardless of what I say, so good luck to you. Perhaps you will be able to do something even the best homoeopath in the world cannot do.

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