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Patient age, gender, Weight, marital status, country / city.
Please describe main problem in details. what, when, how, why etc etc.
1- constipation history if any ? 2- headache if any ?
3- must select one option which is more from below
a) restlessness .. b) weakness
4- your detailed daily routine ? hourly basis. Morning to evening.
5- is it a reoccurring problem ? your current problem i mean.
6- your were physically inactive or active just before this problem ?
7- do you feel more thirsty or thirst-less ?
8- do you feel more cold in body or hot mostly ?
9- any foul smelling gases ? abdomen ? if smelly please mention.
10- when your suffering or pain or symptoms aggravate / increase ?
and when/how ameliorate / feel better ?
11- do you have had B.P or Diabetes problem ? if yes controlled or not ?
not ?
Had anyone in his family suffered or died from cancer or T.B ? only consider his father, father’s brothers, grandfather ..
Had anyone in her family suffered or died from cancer or T.B ? only consider her mother, mother’s sisters, grandmother.
13- Select one option ONLY which is more / dominant
a) Fear (anything if any but dominant if .. b) Anger (if dominant only and mostly) c) Greed (if any dominant) d) Pride

Sun, 25 Aug 2019 12:00:36 +0530
kw34mw36 on Homeopath needs help with enlarged prostate case https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10086 Patient Guidance https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10086 Thank you for your comments.

Yes, Keith is timid in company but not at home, I feel this timidity is  1, from Lack of self confidence, 2. Lack of knowledge and inability to converse (esp with strangers)   3, Inferiority complex.

He feels much easier with people he knows. I considered Baryta Carb, I'm trying to figure if  it's childish when he says strange things now and then that aren't relevant to what I've just said to him in conversation.

Added to this, over the last few weeks I noticed his parotid glands were swollen.  He has slow thinking. I gave him a few doses  and his glands are ok now, but thinking still slow. 

Another thing is,  He seldom learns from his mistakes, will repeat them.

Hates interruption when watching TV,  can flare up.

Keith has no problem sleeping. Has an olive skin,  has a large flat brown wart on L side of neck with a tag, also a flesh coloured tag on his abdomen.

Likes most food especially meat, eggs, sweet tooth, ice cream, salt (doesnt have) tomatoes, salads, vegs.  Dislikes cucumber.

Likes to sleep on his R side.   Hates cold weather, feels the cold terribly. 

I asked him why he's afraid of confrontation,... is it afraid of punishment?  'No.' Do you have bad memories from childhood of being punished for doing something wrong?  'No.'

Are you afraid of people?  ' Sometimes,.... but not really.'   What do you feel would happen if you asserted yourself with someone you disagreed with?  'I don't know'.    Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing ?  'Yes, sometimes' .

Keith tends to Run Away from problems,  disagreements,  confrontations or things he cant cope with.  (Silica ?)  He always responds well to Silica.  Feels the cold terribly, always wraps up or wears long sleeve shirt even on a warm day. I advise him not to get over-heated as this will make him feel the cold more.  Wears a jumper on a warm day and the sun is out.' I'm alright'  he'll say. Wears a hat in winter. Loves to sit in the sun, as he has done again today. 

Re the family altercation, he was angry over a well educated family member telling him what Keith considered was a wrong impression of society, which led to disagreement. 

What needs to be cured?  Enlarged prostate !  This is the cause of the problems and symptoms. 

Keith has trouble spelling, perhaps dyslexic at times (Lyc) this is why he wont read road signs. This has led to quite a few times where he's stopped the car and walks off, one time in the snow he walked off 3 times, where I drove after him and picked him up. 

There's a thread here  of running away from things that he cannot Cope with,   George Vithoulkas says this is Silica. 

Keith once worked for a bad tempered, exacting man who didn't like to pay on time. His attitude sent Keith into a health decline.              Loss of appetite, weight loss, miserable. He walked off the job eventually.  (Cant cope so leaves).

Another larger building Co. wanted houses completed as quickly as possible and were contented to put up with shabby work which Keith wasn't used to doing so he wasn't happy. This also affected Keith's health he went into a decline, very weak and lethargic, couldn't do anything as too tired and weak in the week he took off work. (Can't cope, desire to leave)  

Thinking about this since putting this case on the Forum I feel Keith's mentals  are very Silica as well as his physicals.  

The other big remedy I feel is Keith is Medorrhinum. He has enlargement, and tumour on L kidney, Impotent last 4 years (Lyc)  He Loves dogs, dislikes cats but could never be cruel to an animals.

Wed, 26 Sep 2018 10:32:59 +0530
Shirley Reischman on Homeopath needs help with enlarged prostate case https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10084 Patient Guidance https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10084 I repertorized the case.  When I looked at eliminating symptoms, I came up with Staph.  When I looked at the totality, Staph was in 8th place.  I've found that the remedy can actually be in any of the first 20 places, so again, I would look at Staph.  I feel that I wasn't able to take a complete case since I still had questions.

1. When you say you think he's afraid of hurting people's feelings, how sure are you about that?  Have you ever asked him why he's timid and if so what was his answer?

2. When you say he can't stand confrontation, what is he afraid of?  What does he think will happen if he confronts someone?

3. "Stubborn!!!"  Please give some examples.

4. "very emotional altercation"  What kind of emotion?  Was he angry?  Did he cry?  Was he scared?  Etc.

Also, at the end, you gave a new symptom of vertigo and gave some modalities.  However, from the case you wrote, I have a hard time determining which of the symptoms you've described earlier in the case are still there.  For a complete case, I would also need what I call homeopathic eliminators.  Is he cold or warm blooded.  What foods does he crave or dislike.  How restless is he.  What is his sleep like.  How does he respond to different types of weather.  What is his complexion?  There are others, but as a homeopath, I'm sure you get the idea. 

It's often very difficult to treat a member of ones own family.  Good wishes to you and to your husband.

Mon, 24 Sep 2018 22:22:42 +0530
Elaine Lewis on Homeopath needs help with enlarged prostate case https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10083 Patient Guidance https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10083 I repertorized your case.  I wish I could post the chart here but it won't stick.  The totality analysis showed Lycopodium in first place while the weighted analysis showed Staphysagria in first place with Lycopodium in 2nd place.  Because Staphysagria is a remedy for "ailments from catheter", maybe it's best to start with Staphysagria.  I'm surprised to hear that his prostate gland can't be surgically removed, which would solve all his problems, right?

Sun, 23 Sep 2018 13:37:45 +0530
kw34mw36 on Homeopath needs help with enlarged prostate case https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10082 Patient Guidance https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10082 Hi Elaine thanks for your helpful comments. Keith has started on Lyc 6 today. I have contemplated this Rx for a while as it fits his mentals well. 

I don't usually dissolve a remedy in water, so I will try it that way. I believe it's best to use a small bottle to succuss it before each use but I'm not sure how long this water would last without becoming rancid, so I assume its best to change it daily.

Yes, I was astonished at a few Drs saying, no such thing as hypoglycemia. I did give Anac. but it did nothing. Keith isn't one for cursing or swearing, but he can get upset at trivialities now and then, if I tell him to calm down he'll say,  Oh, I'm angry with myself.

Other mentals:   Procrastinates all the time !   I did consider Lyc for his mental slowness of recent months and I omitted to say in 2013 it was found his brain was shrinking, which shows in his lack of logical thinking at times, Lyc again. His physicals are controlled by his emotions, this led me to Nat Mur which is complementary to Ignatia which has reduced his blood pressure more than any other Rx.                                 He has very shallow breathing, for years I've asked him to take deeper breaths,  strangely this was proved in hospital when his BP reduced so much on oxygen, and each time the nurse took his BP she kept telling him  'deep breaths.'

Lyc occurred to me recently when he hasn't been able eat a full meal.  I think I've been too worried about the urology symptoms and concentrating on them,  to see the whole picture until your opinion helped me to see that.

Thank you,Margaret.

Sun, 23 Sep 2018 03:24:37 +0530
Elaine Lewis on Homeopath needs help with enlarged prostate case https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10081 Patient Guidance https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10081 No such thing as hypoglycemia????  Why do we even bother going to doctors at all???!!!!  OK, so, it sounds to me like Lycopodium.  Timidity--but not at home.  Am I right?  That was the impression I got.  Plus it's a low blood sugar remedy and a prostate remedy.  So, here's what I would do:  Lyc. 6C in water with 5 succussions before each dose, three doses a day.  Make adjustments going forward depending on how he reacts to the remedy.  For instance, he may eventually need to go up to 9C, then 12C...  My first case was a Lycopodium prostate problem--painful and frequent urination.  Anyway, look for the mentals to change first as verification.  I hope I'm right.  Did you say you had already tried Anac.?  Because they are better for eating and also are very timid but there is the tell-tale desire to curse, and they can really be a hand-full.  Lyc. is capable of leading a more normal life.

Fri, 21 Sep 2018 22:40:01 +0530
Alan V. Schmukler on Homeopath needs help with enlarged prostate case https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10080 Patient Guidance https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/homeopath-needs-help-with-enlarged-prostate-case-1/#p10080 I am struggling as a retired homeopath to treat my husband who has just turned 84 last week and I desperately need some support to help him further. He is somewhat young for his years and likes to be active being a carpenter/ joiner all his life.

If anyone has experience in treating stubborn Retention of urine which has been ongoing for 8 months, necessitating a catheter, I would be grateful for your advice. So I have enclosed his case history.

Sincere apologies if this is too presumptive of me.





In 1998 my husband, Keith had Enlargement of Prostate in which he was referred to hospital as an outpatient where they did a biopsy on his prostate gland. Not one but several biopsies were taken resulting in bleeding for 8 weeks. The biopsy result was clear.

He responded to Hom. remedies at that time which seemed to resolve months of his constant urging to urinate.

Keith is a timid, mild mannered man who cannot assert himself in any way whatsoever, its as though he’s afraid of hurting peoples feelings.

He never attempted to discipline our 3 children as they grew up so I had to do it. He jokes with people to make life easier and to gain their approbation it seems. He cannot stand any form of confrontation or ordeals. Whenever we have had any problems with business or difficulty

he leaves me to deal with it. When people have been insulting to me he has never defended me. He seems incapable of asserting himself.

Stubborn !!

He is well liked by everyone, who sees him as easy going.

Lately his thinking has slowed and he takes more time to answer.

He has a lot of fear about saying the wrong thing around people.

Panic attacks, gets flustered over little things that go wrong or over trifling things like small mistakes. Thinks he has to be perfect, cant take blame for his mistakes. Dislikes contradiction at home, but different when out in company, similar to a Jekyll and Hyde character, is never himself in company, has to be good.

Since 9 years he was on a drug for medium hypertension which the Dr said worked through the kidneys. Neither of us liked using drugs.

I found his blood pressure responded well to Ignatia. Also his blood pressure goes down immediately after a meal which made me consider hypoglycemia. I told the Drs this, to which they responded there is no such thing as hypoglycemia. (Anac. which didn’t help)

In 2010 he suffered 3 mini strokes (TIA’s) in 2 months, as a result of worry of how to build a new kitchen, which he told me later.

The first TIA with paralysis of left leg and slurred speech at 3AM.

Arnica, Lachesis and Nux Vom resolved these in 10 minutes. He has not had any attacks since.


Feb 2013 a Lung Xray for a bout of bronchitis, showed a tumour on the left kidney diagnosed as an Oncocytoma 7.2 cm which are usually benign. He refused a biopsy and has no symptoms. In 2017 it was 7.4 cm.


Last year in Sept 2017, he had a very emotional altercation with a family member, he has suffered greatly since then with an exacerbation of the urinary problem. This was totally out of character for him but something he felt deeply about. He looked haggard and lost weight until :

on 22 December 2017 a kidney blood test showed a very high Creatinine level of 329 (Norm between 65 to 170) to which his Dr admitted him to hospital.

Thirst for iced water. (Ars, Med Phos)

Due to the threat of kidney damage and threat of needing dialysis a catheter was administered in A and E Dept. This was difficult to administer due to an enlarged prostate again, so much so that a Dr had to come to insert the catheter as the male nurse found it impossible.

MInutes later Keith saw a chunk of bloody tissue in the catheter tube, which led to bleeding again for a few days.


22 January 2018 he was admitted to hospital again after his catheter had been removed for a few days. His urine was a weak flow which resulted in acute kidney colic all night from the pressure of a build up of urine.

Creatinine level now over 600 !! Bloody urine.

He recovered quite well on Hom. remedies Arnica, Ars; Berberis, Lyc, Lachesis, Phos, Solidago tincture. Creatinine levels normal.

Combination remedy for enlarged prostate given :

Chimaphila Umb; Clematis; Ferr. Pic; Par. Brava; Populus Trem; Puls;

Sabal Serr. 12c


22 March 2018

Bloody urine, very weak, no appetite. Pneumonia.


Admitted to hospital again. Low oxygen level, administerd by tube which lowered and normalised his blood pressure which came down to 111 over 65.

Usually has very shallow breathing, for years I constantly told him to fill his lungs more with deeper breathing. Now he practices this.

Bloody urine with infection from neglect caused by no appt to change his catheter for 3 months !!

Passed painful blood clots for 3 days.

Secreted remedies into hospital Arnica, Kali Mur. Phos.

Put on drip of saline solution to wash out his bladder.

Pneumonia — Strong antibiotics.


27 March 2018

Camera into bladder showed enlarged prostate.


MAY Sent a prescription by Consultant for Finasteride , side effect can cause Serious cancer, hence refused to take it.


July 2018

Hospital Appt for Trial without Catheter and Ultra sound of bladder.

Result: After drinking pints of water, 500 ml in bladder. Not able to pass any urine after 3 hours.


August 2018

Hospital Appt for 2nd Trial without catheter and ultra sound of bladder

Result: After drinking pints of water, Not able to pass any urine after 3 hours.


Sept 2018

Hospital Appt for 3rd Trial without Catheter and ultra sound of bladder

Result: After drinking pints of water Not able to pass any urine after 5 hours.


6 Sept 2018

Appt with hospital Consultant who said prostate is very large.

Keith will need a catheter for the rest of his life. Due to the very large prostate an operation would be too dangerous as it would be necessary to go through the stomach which isn’t favourable.


Current Hom remedies after more study: Conium varying potencies,

Berberis varying potencies, Cactus 6. Occasional Baryta carb 30/200.

Med. 10M, 1M so far.


A Recent Symptom:

Vertigo worse turning head quickly – Falls from turning head, looking upwards, worse when walking. Dizzy with blurred vision.

Responding and improvement from Gelsemium30 which matches a lot of his mental and emotional symptoms. Also covers enlarged prostate.!!


If anyone out there can advise me I would be so grateful., esp regarding potencies as well as remedies. ie.

Should I give low as it is pathology, or high, or vary them ? How often?


The biggest problem is when prescribing there is no way of knowing If or when the remedy has stopped working because with a fixed catheter we don’t know when or if he can pass any urine.


I thank you in advance of any reply I may get.

Margaret Warden LCP (Hom)

Thu, 20 Sep 2018 06:09:27 +0530