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the symptom of injustice?
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in need of help2
Posts: 373
October 8, 2013 - 10:09 am


So having a sensitivity to injustice ALONG with an obsession for correctness and honesty and a very inflexible mind seems to be mercury??

from the other remedies for injustice.. staphisgaria does not react? magnesium muriaticum cannot even look at violence on TV?causticum gets angry and feels injustice for all kinds of things he sees even on TV from far away counties and angered quickly but the mercury a bit differently? Only injustice to his own surroundings? he wouldnt feel bothered seeing injustice on TV about something happening in another country far away?? He would feel like it is too far away, what can you do about it?



David Kempson
Posts: 775
October 8, 2013 - 9:34 pm


Issues with injustice can be seen in 193 remedies. You are not going to find your remedy that way.


You also need to stop focussing on one symptom like that – it is not the way remedies are found, as I keep telling you. The whole case needs to be looked at, not just one symptom.

in need of help2
Posts: 373
October 8, 2013 - 10:48 pm


Well that’s a lot of remedies then. (sigh)

I thought about mercury again because of more symptoms then one..the symptoms I mentioned above + the fear of being stabbed with a knife in my back, especially at night it is bad or when there is an argument or on some other days when I am highly anxious when just someone walks up from behind it bothers me and causes me a fright.

I don’t know, yesterday again I didn’t sleep alone in my room at night because that suspicious feeling was to much again. And its just high anxiety about the door opening of my room and then me seeing one of my evil characters from my dreams standing there with a knife I think is what I am afraid of. And then I worry about whether I can control the anxiety or not, whether it will get worse so I then think it is best to just call someone to sleep in my room.


I also cannot sleep with a closed window.. otherwise like today I will feel a headache and just strong tensions everywhere in my body as was the case tonight.. THe neighbour had loud music so I had to close my window and sleep with closed window.. this is symptom of snake remedies, isn’t it?? do any other remedies have this symptom.. I feel awful if I have to wake up in the morning while sleeping with a closed window without fresh air. THe window just has to be opened slightly and then it is fine for me.


my homeopath isn’t responding much… I am a bit frustrated, the desire for order at work has disappeared again.. I am not working good anymore.. with the lac caninum I was really into my work and could get excited about ordering things and working well but with the remedy I have gotten now it is just a decline again on all levels I believe.

David Kempson
Posts: 775
October 8, 2013 - 10:51 pm


You think of a remedy because you think of one symptom. This is the WRONG way to think of remedies. You cannot find your way to remedies through one symptom, and as you can see you will flip from one remedy to another every time you focus on a different symptom. The totality is what matters, not the individual parts.

So you take the remedy, and then you get old symptoms aggravating is that right?

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