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It is available with Kamal Lab. they have it in 3, 6, 9, 12 Centicimal Potencies not MT. shall i try 3C infrequently?

Sat, 20 Jul 2019 17:58:46 +0530
Manish Bhatia on urgent, guidance needed on "Fluid Cerefolium" Mother tincture https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/urgent-guidance-needed-on-fluid-cerefolium-mother-tincture/#p10226 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/urgent-guidance-needed-on-fluid-cerefolium-mother-tincture/#p10226 The name is only Cerefolius, not Fluid Cerefolius

Fri, 19 Jul 2019 18:24:30 +0530
M.Srinivasa on Urgent, guidance needed on “Fluid Cerefolius” Mother tincture. https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/urgent-guidance-needed-on-fluid-cerefolius-mother-tincture/#p10225 Patient Guidance https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/urgent-guidance-needed-on-fluid-cerefolius-mother-tincture/#p10225 Sir,

I am a CKD Patient, Urgently need your valuable guidance on “Fluid Cerefolius” Mother tincture. I have searched all pharmasuitical companies on line could not find it. Is there any other name for this drug or is it availabe in any source? Pl advice.

I am waiting for your valuable guidance

With Regards.

Fri, 19 Jul 2019 18:04:06 +0530
M.Srinivasa on Diabatics ,Over weight and Sleep Apnea https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/diabatics-over-weight-and-sleep-apnea/#p10224 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/diabatics-over-weight-and-sleep-apnea/#p10224 Getting extra sleepy after homeopathic medicine is a good sign. As all your energies are focused on repairing metabolism. This condition will not lost for ever. It will be for few days to week.

Fri, 19 Jul 2019 17:58:41 +0530
M.Srinivasa on urgent, guidance needed on "Fluid Cerefolium" Mother tincture https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/urgent-guidance-needed-on-fluid-cerefolium-mother-tincture/#p10223 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/urgent-guidance-needed-on-fluid-cerefolium-mother-tincture/#p10223 Sir,

I am a CKD Patient, Urgently need your valuable guidance on "Fluid Cerefolius" Mother tincture. I have searched all pharmasuitical companies on line could not find it. Is there any other name for this drug or is it availabe in any source? Pl advice.

I am waiting for your valuable guidance

With Regards.

Fri, 19 Jul 2019 17:32:35 +0530
lindagriffithh on Anxiety and frustration https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/anxiety-and-frustration/#p10222 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/anxiety-and-frustration/#p10222 Better not to get used to these pills! You need to mentally and psychologically recover.

Thu, 18 Jul 2019 14:15:29 +0530
lindagriffithh on Dr.Luc's new book is being released... https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/book-reviews/dr-lucs-new-book-is-being-released/#p10221 Book Reviews https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/book-reviews/dr-lucs-new-book-is-being-released/#p10221 I'm afraid this book will take me a long time! But thanks!icon_razz_gif

Fri, 12 Jul 2019 12:45:56 +0530
lindagriffithh on Homeopathy Education in UK https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/students-corner/homeopathy-education-in-uk/#p10220 Student's Corner https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/students-corner/homeopathy-education-in-uk/#p10220

Alan V. Schmukler said
I think your best source of information would be the Society of Homeopaths in the UK. They should be able to give you an overall picture, though maybe not a flow chart.  

I agree, the Society of Homeopaths can provide not only information, but, also, the people community with the same outlook on life.icon_wink_gif

Fri, 12 Jul 2019 12:38:38 +0530
vaibhavi22 on Bilateral Wilms Tumour https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/bilateral-wilms-tumour/#p10219 Patient Guidance https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/bilateral-wilms-tumour/#p10219 i Everyone

My daughter 2.9 years old, was dignosed with bilateral wilms tumour when she was 9 months old in July 2017

we did 18 weeks of chemo (12 chemo prior to surgery and 4 after surgery).

Left kidney was removed on 14 Nov 2017

As per biopsy reports Left kidney had stromal predominat cells and viable tumour so surgeon decided to remove left kidney.

It was very resistant to chemo drugs (DD4A)

Right kidney had precancerous nephrogenic rest so surgeon decided to monitor it.

Now in June 2019 ,we have observed right kidney showing solid  formation

Oncologist advised for 6  intense ICE chemo ,4 before kidney removal and 2 chemo on dialysis.

But due to side effects we had decided go for homeopathy.

Child was passing blood in urine.

after starting following medicines child had improvements

Kal sulph 6x

Ferm Phos 6x

Mag Phos 6x

NatMur 6x

NatPhos 6x

RockRose , zingiber q 5',5',5'

Cistus Canademhis 6 2-0-2

carsinosin 1M 2 pills (once in 3 months)


Can anyone guide us if we are following correct remedies

We are from mumbai Please advise any good homeopathy for the same.

Fri, 12 Jul 2019 03:20:38 +0530
Martin Earl on Lachesis vs Anacardium - Schizophrenia https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/students-corner/lachesis-vs-anacardium-schizophrenia/#p10218 Student's Corner https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/students-corner/lachesis-vs-anacardium-schizophrenia/#p10218 For me, the reported and observable symptoms take precedence. Core delusion is an inference and carries less weight. 

Mon, 08 Jul 2019 19:48:39 +0530
homeopath99 on Lachesis vs Anacardium - Schizophrenia https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/students-corner/lachesis-vs-anacardium-schizophrenia/#p10217 Student's Corner https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/students-corner/lachesis-vs-anacardium-schizophrenia/#p10217 I am stuck between these 2 remedies for a case chronic schizophrenia on long term medication.  Both have duality, suspiciousness, mistrust and feeling everyone is trying to harm her.  

While the constitution/temperament, NWS appear to be more consistent with Anacardium.  As is lack of self confidence, soft caring personality contrast with the opposite, can be violent and hard/ angry and takes every thing in the negative. 

However, the Core delusion seems to be she is harmed by her surroundings, everyone is trying to hurt her which is more favoring lachesis. 

Any thoughts?

Mon, 08 Jul 2019 06:27:49 +0530
lloyd1977 on 7 Home Remedies to Control Hair Loss !!!!!!! https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/diet-fitness-health-care/7-home-remedies-to-control-hair-loss/#p10216 Diet, Fitness & Health Care https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/diet-fitness-health-care/7-home-remedies-to-control-hair-loss/#p10216 Making some changes of your diet and hair care can play a crucial role in preventing hair loss.Some of the following ideas to a daily regime to aid in healthy hair growth.

  • Drink more water every day to help the body stay hydrated and help grow healthy hair.
  • Consume additional protein daily. Hair is made from protein and hair growth responds well to the inclusion of lean animal proteins and other forms of healthy protein added to the diet.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking to prevent thinning hair.
  • Apply hot oil treatments to strengthen the hair shaft and prevent hair loss from breakage
  • Comb gently, don’t brush wet hair after washing
  • Avoid chemical treatments like perms and coloring for hair which weakens hair adding to possible breakage and dryness
Sat, 29 Jun 2019 22:47:40 +0530
alya on 7 years old - Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/7-years-old-attention-deficit-disorder-add/#p10215 Patient Guidance https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/patient-guidance/7-years-old-attention-deficit-disorder-add/#p10215 Hello Doctors,

My daughter was diagnosed with ADD when she was around 3.5 years old.  We are taking homeopathy treatment for her since then.  She is also undergoing occupation therapy, physio therapy and speech therapy. 

Her current symptoms (in order of severity) are:

- Difficult concentration

- Highly and easily distracted

- speech apraxia 

- can't remember or describe events

- Impulsive

- Restless


Certain attributes:

- Gap between teeth

- Likes eggs and meat

- doesn't like to cover herself while sleeping

- in-toeing feet

- mild hypotonia (low muscle tone) (this is improving)


Homeopathic treatment till now has not helped with the above condition of lack of concentration, distraction and speech.  It has so happened that every change in medicine has brought in some new symptoms.  I remember that her speech was clear when we started with homeopathic treatment. 

Please help with repatriation and your suggestions  of medicine/potency/dosage.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards.

Mon, 24 Jun 2019 13:10:51 +0530
keithevans on Combination Skin Is the Most Confusing Skin Type https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/diet-fitness-health-care/combination-skin-is-the-most-confusing-skin-type/#p10213 Diet, Fitness & Health Care https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/diet-fitness-health-care/combination-skin-is-the-most-confusing-skin-type/#p10213 Use A Sunscreen: sunscreen block harmful uvrays entering and damaging skin cells ,protecting skin from tanning 

Use A Cleanser: Cleanser(soap free), is gentle on skin and dontharm skin layer

Use A Night Cream:nourishes skin and at night skin absorbs important nourishment from cream and mositurises your skin .

Tue, 11 Jun 2019 14:18:01 +0530
meharox on Where side your soul is??? https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/chit-chat/where-side-your-soul-is/#p10212 Chit Chat https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/chit-chat/where-side-your-soul-is/#p10212 Left side down for me icon_wink_gif

Sat, 25 May 2019 16:57:31 +0530