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Erection problem means the inability to achieve or maintain the erection for satisfactory during the intercourse. Ageing is the one common reason to find erectile issues. With age, there are changes occur in the male reproductive organ. Nowadays, in the market, many treatments are available which helps to treat the erectile problem. But before taking any treatments, consult with the doctor.

Thank you

Tue, 14 May 2019 14:55:30 +0530
keithevans on Good fat burning foods? https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/diet-fitness-health-care/good-fat-burning-foods/#p10209 Diet, Fitness & Health Care https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/diet-fitness-health-care/good-fat-burning-foods/#p10209
  • Eggs. .
  • Coconut Oil. .
  • Green Tea. .
  • Whey Protein.

    Tue, 14 May 2019 11:39:09 +0530
    jayson on Any recommendations for courses or schools teaching old-school classical homeopathy? https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/any-recommendations-for-courses-or-schools-teaching-old-school-classical-homeopathy/#p10207 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/any-recommendations-for-courses-or-schools-teaching-old-school-classical-homeopathy/#p10207 On this occasion, visit floridahomeopathicsociety.org

    Thu, 11 Apr 2019 17:09:05 +0530
    tallulah4 on Any recommendations for courses or schools teaching old-school classical homeopathy? https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/any-recommendations-for-courses-or-schools-teaching-old-school-classical-homeopathy/#p10206 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/any-recommendations-for-courses-or-schools-teaching-old-school-classical-homeopathy/#p10206 Check out AHEnycworld.com.  I’m studying there now, they’re excellent teachers and run an incredible student clinic!  Full time or part time from anywhere (classes are live-streamed) and very interactive.  

    Fri, 29 Mar 2019 18:15:31 +0530
    vrnkkg on Diaper rash as a symptom belongs to which miasm https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/students-corner/diaper-rash-as-a-symptom-belongs-to-which-miasm/#p10205 Student's Corner https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/students-corner/diaper-rash-as-a-symptom-belongs-to-which-miasm/#p10205 The other day i was asked by a neighbour to prescribe for their new born's Diaper rash.I was just wondering what could be the underlying miasm at play.Is it just psora,I know the father belongs to cancer miasm and mother to sycotic miasm

    Thu, 14 Mar 2019 19:50:40 +0530
    wlt5 on Any recommendations for courses or schools teaching old-school classical homeopathy? https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/any-recommendations-for-courses-or-schools-teaching-old-school-classical-homeopathy/#p10204 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/any-recommendations-for-courses-or-schools-teaching-old-school-classical-homeopathy/#p10204 Any recommendations for courses or schools teaching old-school classical homeopathy?  I live in Florida,  USA.

    Tue, 12 Mar 2019 00:08:08 +0530
    wlt5 on Is calc sulph and anti-psoric remedy? https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/is-calc-sulph-and-anti-psoric-remedy/#p10203 Veterinary Homeopathy https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/is-calc-sulph-and-anti-psoric-remedy/#p10203 Since Calc. is anti-psoric and Phos. is anti-psoric,  is calc.phos.  anti-psoric?  

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 23:47:11 +0530
    wlt5 on Roundworms in kittens, choosing a remedy https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/roundworms-in-kittens-choosing-a-remedy/#p10202 Veterinary Homeopathy https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/roundworms-in-kittens-choosing-a-remedy/#p10202 Thanks so much

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 23:37:56 +0530
    wlt5 on calc carb for a person with a small head https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/calc-carb-for-a-person-with-a-small-head/#p10201 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/calc-carb-for-a-person-with-a-small-head/#p10201 Advice taken, and agreed upon.   I realize it takes many years of study,  experience,  and a special ability to be a homeopath.  I am sick of seeing doctors and veterinarians out there who call themselves homeopaths but have done nothing more than read one book and then start prescribing for patients.  I am also sick of seeing all the combination remedies being prescribed in modern practice.  I am a believer in old-school classical homeopathy.   (I have a veterinarian who wants to give combination remedies to my pets,  and who does it in spite of my disapproval.  After surgery,  my cat received a combination remedy from her instead of a simple dose of arnica, even though I specified "single remedy use,  no combination remedies" to her.  I think more people need to become students of old-school classical homeopathy to keep this important practice going.

    My homeopath has retired,  so I need to find a new one for both myself and for my pets.  Sadly for me at this time,  there are veterinarian homeopaths out there who charge many hundreds of dollars an hour (an average of $1500-$2000 per case per pet),  which is cost-prohibitive for many people,  but I do appreciate how much time and effort they invest and understand that they should be paid for that.  (My homeopath charged me about $500 a case, for a person!)  I would rather a regular homeopath and not necessarily a veterinarian prescribe for my pets.) 

    Your last sentence answered my question,  though,  for now.  Thank you so much.   Your answer reflects how I understand homeopathy,  from listening to my own past homeopathic doctor.  A homeopath who wrote a book I just read has confused me by contradicting this while writing in a general sense and not in any specific context. 

    I greatly desire to take a four-year program in homeopathy, in time.  In the meantime, I have been a homeopathic patient,  and I have already purchased an introductory course that I have been studying on my own.  I also spend a lot of time studying materia medica and repertory.  (I have no intention of treating a person with a chronic case,  so don't worry.  I understand that my knowledge is highly inadequate.)

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 22:56:40 +0530
    Alan V. Schmukler on calc carb for a person with a small head https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/calc-carb-for-a-person-with-a-small-head/#p10200 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/calc-carb-for-a-person-with-a-small-head/#p10200 You might consider taking a homeopathy course, because I see you getting confused by the all the information and not understanding the basis for it. Right now you should be studying materia medica and repertory. You're years away from being able to prescribe for chronic illness or manage a case. Get the basics down first.  People needing Calc can have very different appearances.    

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 20:44:24 +0530
    Alan V. Schmukler on Roundworms in kittens, choosing a remedy https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/roundworms-in-kittens-choosing-a-remedy/#p10199 Veterinary Homeopathy https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/roundworms-in-kittens-choosing-a-remedy/#p10199 You're inadvertently making this much more complicated than need by.  Abrotanum 3c, three times a day for 7 days is recommended for roundworms. At the end of 7 days, one dose of Calc can be given. In general, when treating an acute you don't need to mix that up with constitutional prescribing. That can be done after the acute. For adult cats that are generally healthy, the allopathic treatment for worms is relatively safe.

    Mon, 11 Mar 2019 20:32:23 +0530
    wlt5 on Should I dose a cat in need before the vet administers toxic drugs, or after? Or both? https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/should-i-dose-a-cat-in-need-before-the-vet-administers-toxic-drugs-or-after-or-both/#p10198 Veterinary Homeopathy https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/should-i-dose-a-cat-in-need-before-the-vet-administers-toxic-drugs-or-after-or-both/#p10198 I took in a stray cat that was expecting.  As a result,  I now have seven cats and cannot afford to keep them all,  so I am trying to find loving homes for them.

    The kiittens are now five months old and have a roundworm infestation.  Someone is adopting one of the kittens,  taking it from me in just three days,  and plans to use drugs to deal with parasites and fleas,  getting the drugs administered on a schedule of every 6 months. Her "homeopathic veterinarian"  (so-called) has not seen the kitten,  but has told her that homeopathy is not the answer for roundworms and has convinced her the kitten should stay on medication year-round especially since he will be an indoor-outdoor cat.  Sadly,  this vet is not a homeopath, obviously,  and is leading this lady, who wants what's best for her new kitten,  astray.

    So the kitten's new owner has asked me to go ahead and administer the homeopathic remedy I had chosen for him, while he is still in my care,  even though she is going to put him on the drugs very soon.  I do not know when it is best to administer the remedy.  Now, before the drugs are given,  or later,  after the drugs have been given.

    I have spent countless hours studying an introductory veterinarian homeopathy course in order to select the correct remedy for each kitten.  For this kitten,   I have chosen Sulphur because the kitten has some itching,  the kitten's stray father has mange,  and the kitten is easy-going and happy-go-lucky with little to nothing to indicate any remedy.He has had a couple of incidences of upper respiratory symptoms,  at the same time that his siblings have had them,  at times of weather changes,  and at least once (along with a fever) during a full moon.

      The mother cat had a few patches of missing fur when I acquired her,  but this is no longer the case for her.  After this kitten's neuter surgery and rabies vaccine of two months ago, he does itch a little bit more. 

      Nose, jaw, and ears,  especially,  itch. Inside the ears,  too.  There is a little bit of eye discharge coating outside the inner corner of his eyes.It looks whitish.  I have noticed mild twitching or trembling of muscles from time to time in his limbs while he sleeps.

    His fur is very thick but rougher and dryer than the fur of his siblings.  He sort of coughed once, a month after the vaccine,  as if he were trying to get a worm out of his throat.  He also sleeps more after the vaccine.  He is very lovey-dovey and cuddly,  very sweet and kind,  and he is big.  Not obese,  just not small or thin.  He is very laid-back and mild in his personality.  He is not a picky eater.  He is a black-striped brown tabby with a little reddish fur outlining the spotted underside of his body,  and a little reddish fur in a few other places.  He is quiet.  Low maintenance.

    The new owner wants me to administer an anti-psoric homeopathic remedy before she gets her the kitten in a couple of days.  My question is this:  Should a dose of a remedy be administered BEFORE the anti-flea and anti-worm drugs are given,  and if so,  how far in advance?(She is thinking of drugging him either immediately or within  two weeks, which I think is too soon.) Or should nothing be given until AFTER the administration of the drugs,  and after retaking the case?   

    Sun, 10 Mar 2019 03:12:09 +0530
    wlt5 on Is calc sulph anti-psoric? https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/is-calc-sulph-anti-psoric/#p10197 Veterinary Homeopathy https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/is-calc-sulph-anti-psoric/#p10197 Sat, 09 Mar 2019 07:23:30 +0530 wlt5 on Roundworms in kittens, choosing a remedy https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/roundworms-in-kittens-choosing-a-remedy/#p10196 Veterinary Homeopathy https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/veterinary-homeopathy/roundworms-in-kittens-choosing-a-remedy/#p10196 I have kittens with an infestation of roundworms.  (I know so because one of the kittens vomits them up.)  Five kittens are now 5 months old and one is 10 months old.  All have been showing signs of a worm infestation that had to have been there from birth.  I did 7 days of Cina 3c (3X per day for 7 days) at a vet's recommendation.  Cina is roundworm specific but my kittens did not fit the remedy much otherwise.  Since Hahnemann has said that an anti-sporic must be used with worm infestations,   I am moving on to an anti-psoric for each kitten.  When I use an app for remedy selection,  calc. carb. comes up first as very strongly indicated for some of the kittens.  However,  none of them have large sweaty heads,  and an introductory veterinarian homeopathy course I purchased mentioned that "of course"  calc. carb. should never be used on someone that does not have a large, sweaty head.  Is this true?


    (In case it matters to my question,  my (perhaps faulty) thinking was that I would be treating the kittens  for worm infestation rather than necessarily treating them with their constitutional remedies.  Each kitten needs its own specific anti-psoric,  of course.  I am thinking I should treat the worm infestation crisis as a chronic condition,  using dosing frequencies and potencies apppropriate for treating a chronic condition.  I was thinking I would use 30c potency wet dosing for stable kittens,  and 6c potency for hypersenstive ones (first one dry 6c  dose as a trial, and thereafter wet doses as needed).  So far this is what I think I have understood to do,  from my reading of an introductory homeopathy course. I had been under the impression,  perhaps wrongly so,  that "large sweaty head" was part of the constitutional description of calc. carb. ,  and  that the "constitutional" description of a remedy doesn't have to match a patient necessarily.  So what i need is better understanding of this question before I proceed.)

    Sat, 09 Mar 2019 07:16:25 +0530
    wlt5 on calc carb for a person with a small head https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/calc-carb-for-a-person-with-a-small-head/#p10195 General Discussion https://forum.hpathy.com/forum/homeopathic-discussion/calc-carb-for-a-person-with-a-small-head/#p10195 Is is always all wrong for calc carb to be prescribed for a chronic condition (but not as a constitutional remedy) for someone that does not have a large,  sweaty head?  How about for someone with a small head or very small head in proportion to their body,  and without a sweaty head, when if everything else points strongly to calc carb? 

    (I am trying to understand homeopathy better.  One homeopath told me that I shouldn't necessarily go with the constitutional aspects of a remedy [calc''s large sweaty head is that,  if I understand it correctly],  but then another homeopath said that never should one give calc carb to someone who didn't have a large head now or as a child. ) 

    Sat, 09 Mar 2019 04:58:26 +0530